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Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagen in the media

In several media statements Prof. Rolf Wüstenhagen commented on the future energy supply and the turnaround towards renewable energy sources

Wind mill

Prof Rolf Wüstenhagen is frequently interviewed by several media representatives on the current transformation of the energy system. From his perspective a complete turnaround towards renewable sources is possible, especially since the competitiveness of renewables improved drastically in recent years.

  • Comment of Prof Rolf Wüstenhagen to the United Nations Climate Negotiations in Paris COP21 (unisg.ch, 30. November 2015)
  • Professor Rolf Wüstenhagen on the topic of the St.Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies 2015: "(EM)POWERING the Future". Where is the energy sector headed? What do new business models look like and what do customers expect from politicians and companies? (unisg.ch, 26 May 2015)
  • Rolf Wüstenhagen comments in the article "Germany adds 'virtual power plants' to experiments with its grid" the current situation of the big four utilities and new entrants in the German energy market (eenews.net - The Politics and Business of Climate Change, 15. Mai 2015)
  • Prof. Wüstenhagen argues that social and political upheavals have altered the Desertec game plan, but the project can still achieve its long-term goals (Swissinfo, 9 August 2013)
  • Innovative projects like Solar Impulse and MS Tûranor PlanetSolar are good examples of high technology with a healthy dose of adventure and are relevant for the future of sustainable transport, according to Prof. Wuestenhagen (Swissinfo, 7 July 2013)
  • The REN21 Renewables 2013 Global Status Report is now available online. More than 500 contributors have worked together to provide a complete and fascinating picture of the status of renewable energy markets, industry and policy worldwide.
  • Prof. Wuestenhagen comments on policies and invesment incentives for renewable energies, stating that more needs to be done to drive renewable energy investment (Greenwise, 14 March 2013)
  • Prof. Wüstenhagen in The Guardian "The Kyoto protocol, with all its imperfections, was an important first step in international climate policy. It marked a historic breakthrough in negotiations – unfortunately one of the very few" (The Guardian (PDF) and online, 26 November 2012)
  • Article of Prof. Wüstenhagen for the Network for Business Sustainability with the title "A Power Struggle in Germany: David, Goliath and the Future of Energy Systems" (Network for Business Sustainability, 26 Oktober 2012)
  • Prof. Wüstenhagen comments for the New Energy World Network in the article "Impact of green subsidies on Germany's energy bills overstated" (newnet, 17 Oktober 2012)
  • Interview for the Japanese TV program "The great earthquake and the security of nuclear power plants - Japan and the World" (NHK [in Japanese], 23 May 2012)
  • In the article "Germany’s solar subsidy cuts rejected, lower cuts expected" Prof Wüstenhagen has been quoted with the statement: "In the short term, it looks like good news for solar companies" (Environmental Finance, 11 May 2012)
  • "The emerging new energy world order: Which role for Europe?" - Article for the St.Gallen Business Review (summer 2012 issue), edited by ESPRIT St.Gallen (4 May 2012)
  • "Political uncertainty on German solar raises ‘boom-bust’ risk" - In that article Prof Wüstenhagen has been quoted amongst others with the following statement: "In the short term, the political uncertainty may well lead to even more of a rush to install solar panels in Germany" (Environmental Finance, 30 March 2012)
  • "Rethinking energy" - Prof Wüstenhagen comments the changes in the European electricity market (28 March 2012, St.Galler Tagblatt & unisg.ch [translated])
  • "Climate protection needs role models" - Prof. Wüstenhagen comments the outcome of the Durban Climate Change Conference (14 December 2011, St.Galler Tagblatt & unisg.ch [translated]) 
  • Interview on nuclear phaseout - video interview (in German) (31 May 2011)

For a complete overview see the German version of this site.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Wüstenhagen at rolf.wuestenhagen@unisg.ch 

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