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Institute for Economy and the Environment


Here you can find news of the Institute for Economy and the Environment.

Wind mill

4/26/2016. In several media statements Prof. Rolf Wüstenhagen commented on the future energy supply and the turnaround towards renewable energy sources

Little Green Bags true business sustainability

3/9/2016. What is true business sustainability? And how can companies solve social problems by means of diligent business practices? These questions are dealt with by the eleventh film of the HSG’s “Little Green Bags” animation video series. The text was written by Thomas Dyllick, Professor of Sustainability Management at the University of St.Gallen.

Wind power plant in the alps

11/18/2015. Positive attitudes towards wind energy in Eastern Switzerland

Notebooks with pictures of the differents events

10/22/2015. Find out how the Chair for Management of Renewable Energies is engaging with students, executives, and industry in these three informative videos