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Institute for Economy and the Environment

Executive Education in Sustainable Business

The Diploma in Sustainable Business is a joint degree by University of St. Gallen, Business School Lausanne and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. This innovative executive education program is designed for engaged future leaders in business and beyond - starting every fall.

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New challenges
The world is at a turning point. “Earth Overshoot Day” marks the day all resources which can be regenerated globally throughout each year are exhausted. In 2015 this day was August 13th. From this time on, humankind is living off the planet´s capital instead of its interest. Endless growth in a world of finite resources is impossible in the long run and we are in dire demand for new solutions in the decades ahead. Business is considered to be part of the problem, yet business leaders often do not know how to embrace and actively manage change towards sustainability.

New challenges require new competencies. New competences arise from assuming new perspectives and envisioning new solutions. New challenges also require new leadership skills. Subject expertise needs to be complemented with the ability to drive change and implement new solutions across organizational boundaries.

Business School Lausanne (BSL) and the Institute for Economy and the Environment at University of St.Gallen (IWÖ-HSG) launched a first-of-a-kind comprehensive training program for future leaders in business sustainability in 2011. Renowned faculty from the University of St. Gallen, along with recognized experts in interdisciplinary learning and training from BSL as well as thought-leaders from academia, government, nongovernmental organizations and business provide a unique setting for participants to acquire the new skills and competences required to lead the sustainability agenda in business and beyond.

Program Vision
To understand the challenges we as a global community face in the coming decades, to evaluate how business can contribute to resolve them, and how business leaders can shape their strategy and operations sustainably and responsibly.

Program Main Objective
To inspire and train change agents with a broad understanding in global sustainability and provide them with practical skills to develop and implement solutions for sustainability issues in organizations.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.Business School Lausanne
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Phone: +41 21 619 06 06

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